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Since 1997, TuSeas Designs has been engaged in the creation of the working mechanical drawings (Shop Drawings) needed to create the parts and assemblies for the steel fabrication industry. Field drawings and estimations for contractors.

With a list of dozens of buildings ranging from municipal to residential and weights ranging from a 1000ton Church to a few tons and structures, ranging from train stations and grain elevators supports to coal handling conveyors.

TuSeas Designs has been supplying good and precise informational drawings to a wide range of steel fabricators and contractors throughout the northeast.

Holding to standards set forth by A.I.S.C., N.I.S.D. and other governing bodies and using the concepts created by the Architect and the calculations performed by the engineers. TSD has been creating accurate drawings, which are legible and precise, to complete the needed requirements for shop personnel to use to create the physical parts and assemblies needed in the erection of these many structures.