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QUALIFICATIONS for: Design Drafter / Structural and Misc. Steel Detailer/Drafter

With over, thirty years+ of diversified design drafting experience. This experience includes over ten years of computer graphics experience.

Project Responsibilities have been engineering and production support, which has included; product design concepts, master module layouts for prototype proposals, product tolerance studies, creation of parts and assemblies along with functional and production documentation, parts development and detailing. As well as, facility layouts, equipment placement and details, including field research.

Other assignments have included parts and materials selection, bills of materials, cost estimates, drafting department managing; team meeting and supplier interface.

In addition, I have been responsible for maintaining CAD sections, including creating and developing customized CAD menus and programs for use in CAD editors.

I am experienced in basic ASI, ASME and ISO (metric) drafting standards, along with Xerox, Kodak, IBM, General Electric, and Carrier corporate standards. Along with my many years of board experience, I am also highly experienced in AutoCAD (rev. 5 thru acad2011). I am also proficient in Prime-Medusa (rev. 5+ thru 12.2) along with many other CAD editors.

I am also proficient in the operations and functions of MS-DOS, MS-WINDOWS, OS/2 and UNIX systems. As well as being experienced in a verity of applications and operating programs, including MS-OFFICE SUITE and many others.

Programming language experience includes ASCII basic, LISP, "C", and "C++". In addition, I have designed and developed various menus, utility and application programs for my own computer systems.


Architectural: Building renovation both interior and exterior for industrial facilities; structural layouts and detailing of, Municipal, Storage, Batching and Material handling facilities, which include: Beams and Columns, Anchor Bolt layouts, Bulk tank & hopper storage, Step-bottom chutes & conveyor systems, also trusses, platforms, stairways and ladders.

Field work: Concrete: slump testing, air entrainment, cylinder breaking and soil test.

Mechanical: Prototype proposals, production designs and mechanisms. Structural, tubular and sheet steel fabrications: Layouts and weldments. (Including ISO standards.); foraging, casting and machine drawings, HVAC systems, including compressors and Chillier units, processing vessels and agitators; welding, joining and fastening techniques, CAD-CAM editors, CNC tool pathing.

Electro-mech.: Consoles, cabinets and packaging designs and layouts, wiring diagrams and printed circuit boards positives and assemblies.

Electrical: Logic diagrams, schematics and relay circuits.

Hydraulics: Both fluid and pneumatics.

Materials: Have included, heavy and light gauge hot and cold rolled steels; structural, stainless and machine stock steels; alloy, composites and ceramic materials.


Nov 1997 – Present
TuSeas Designs (Sole Proprietor) Saratoga Springs, New York
Structural & Miscellaneous Steel Detailer/Drafter: AutoCAD
Specializing in:
• Structural and Miscellaneous steel: layouts, Field drawings, designs and detailing of shop drawings
• Project list and sample work available upon request
2/97 to 3/97
Lehigh Design, Inc. Rochester, New York
Position: Design Drafter: AutoCAD,
Responsibilities: Mechanical layouts and project development.
Assignments: 2/97 to 3/97 University of Rochester, Depart. Of High Energy Physic, Rochester, New York
Project: A large cryostat particle detector barrel, for the Cyclotron at Cern Switzerland.
Letter of reference available.
7/85 to 3/98
T&M Technical Services Co., New York Mills, New York
Position: Mechanical Design Drafter: Prime-Medusa, Pro-E, AutoCAD and Board
Assignments: 2/98 to 3/98 Lamsen Corp. Syracuse, New York
10/91 to 12/97
Carrier Corp. Syracuse, New York
Product: Air handling units, Chillier Units, Compressors
4/91 to 9/91
Carrier Corp. Savannah, Georgia
Product: Air terminal ends.
6/86 to 10/86
General Electric Corp. Utica, New York
Building renovations for Broad Street facilities in Utica.
3/86 to 5/86
Kelsey Hayes (Utica Corp.) Whitesboro, New York
7/85 to 1/86
General Electric Corp. Utica, New York
7/95 to 5/97
TAD Technical Services Corp., New Hartford, New York
Position: Design Drafter: AutoCAD
Responsibilities: Mechanical layouts and product development Assignments:
4/97 to 5/97
Bartell’s Machine Systems Rome, New York
Product: Compound spray unit used in tire industry.
3/96 to 9/96
Mitten Fluidpower Inc., Syracuse, New York
Product: Hydraulic Fluid and Lubrication Systems
7/97 to 1/96
Pheionx Systems & Technologies New Hartford, New York
Product: Electrical devices
10/86 to 6/90
Cherry-Burrells Corp., Little Falls, New York
Position: Mechanical Designer: Board and AutoCAD
Product: Stainless steel constructed processing and storage vessels and related equipment.
9/84 to 5/85
R.D.R. Industries, Inc., Mohawk, New York
Position: Product Design Drafter: Board
Product: Custom designed packaging and enclosures for
Electrical testing units and control systems.
11/82 to 9/84
Hamilton Digital Controls, Inc., Utica, New York
Position: Design Drafter: Board
Product: Magnetic recorder heads for 12.7mm data tape drives.
12/79 to 10/82
Lehigh Designs, Inc. Rochester, New York
Position: Mechanical Drafter: Board
Assignments: 4/81 to 10/82 Xerox Corp. Rochester, New York
Building renovations for Webster, NY facilities.
12/80 to 4/81
Singer Educational Systems Co. Rochester, New York